Heroes of Eberron

And along came a madman...

After the journey by elemental galleon to the Audairian city of Passage, the party gets plugged back into civilization. Alchemical reagents and rituals are purchased, equipment cleaned, and magical items enchanted. Lucy has left a chest of enchanted items for the party and her magic mouth tells them where to find it. Dex checks on the Lightning Rail and finds the next train will be in 6 hours. The group meets up at the tavern, the Listing Tankard and comes upon a strange fellow. A rare Deva, a wizard by trade, is suffering from an apparently mental breakdown. However, after mad antics in the tap room, and a spell battle by himself against a phantom assailtant known only as “Him,” he joins the group and spurs them to get to the bottom of the plot. Besides, he has a strange magic ball he needs identified and perhaps this Lucy person can do it. After a rest, the group gets on the train and travels without incident to Fairhaven. They notice a hobgoblin mercenary company, The Bloodspear Legion, encamped outside of town. When they arrive in town they find they are too late. The Korrenburg Chronicle states that the Queen has already been attacked! The dragonborn statue was a petrified warrior from a bygone age and he has poisoned Lucy, a number of guards and a servant was well as the queen herself. They have one foot in the grave and even the power of House Jorasco cannot aid them. The group visits the infirmary and finally catches up with Lucy who is in a very bad state. Old Mother Hubbard, the halfling healer informs the group that they were poisoned by Black Dragon Root, a rare herb that no longer grows on this side of the continent. Going by the report of the Korrenburn Chronicle, the group goes to Her Majesty’s dungeon to confront the dragonborn. He is in chains and very aggressive, even breathing his acidic breath weapon at the group. He doesn’t speak the common tongue and has a great hatred for humans. Luckily, there are no humans in the group (although the changeling looks human). It is revealed that the dragonborn was turned to stone by a human (wizard?) named Haldrune. Considering this happened 3000 years ago, the group is concerned as to what manner of man Haldrune is. Wanting the dragonborn to confirm that the Haldrune is the same Haldrune that turned him to stone (or that perhaps it is a family name and the other is perhaps a decendent), the group plans on taking the dragonborn with them. The guards of Her Majesty’s dungeon don’t agree to the transfer and before long a melee ensues. After a dose of the sleepy time magic from the new wizard friend, the fight goes easily in the party’s favor and they disguise the dragonborn and sneak him out of the prison. The group goes to Northpoint tower, where the Chronicle said that Van Haldrune was being held for questioning. The whole city is conspicuously full of warforged. Northpoint Tower is full of a mishmash of various mercenary bands, put out of work since the last war. They are obviously being mustered for a new campaign. With a bit of the cunning linguistics and linguistic legerdemain, the group makes it to the door that leads to the stairwell that leads to the prison chamber at the top of the tower. The two ogre guards (part of the Bloodspear Legion) are easily led away by promises of food. The door is unlocked and the party disappears from the view of the merc’s. At the top of the stairs the party reaches another door. It is arcane locked, magically trapped, mechanically trapped and mechanically locked. After a bit of trouble, the party enters the room to find it sparsly furnished, empty of individuals, and the floors red with blood. To see what happened, the wizard used an Inquisitive’s Sight scroll. It created an illusion that played

Dwarves, Boats, and Dragons, Oh My

The party defeats the dwarf assassins then then finds a secret passage out of the vault. It has traps that have been disarmed and a message from Lucy to find Dorn’s ledger. Dex takes the form of one of the dwarves they just defeated and pretends to be the only survivor. He then encounters Dorn again with his bodyguards while Cold and Run hide in the passage. Dorn is shown to be a member of the Aurum and is discussing something with a shadowy looking elf from Cold’s past named Fabian Shadowsong who immediately leaves. After the dwarves are lulled into thinking the group is dead and leaving Dex alone to recuperate, Cold and Rune hop out of the passage and begin searching for Dorn’s ledger. Dex rejoins them and they steal his some of Dorn’s wealth and find the ledger. Just as the dwarves come in the room to find the party there looting the place, the party climbs out a window and escapes but not before Dex leaves a taunting note letting them know that he is the same changeling that fled from them in Sharn. The party mounts up and rides hard to the ferry that will take them to the House Lyrander elemental galleon sitting on the lake. Cold had purchased them fare on it earlier and they set out immediately. Dorn and his lackeys chase the group but they are too late. The party sees Fabian Shadowsong watching them from the shore but nothing comes of it. The ship takes off with great haste by the power of the elemental within it coupled with the winds that the captain summoned through the power of his dragonmark. Before long, everyone is singing and drinking but there is something moving towards the ship. Before long the cresting waves that are moving alongside the galleon break forth and reveal a blue dragon! The captain says he has encountered the dragon before and was able to buy him off but since he only has passengers he has nothing to barter with. Cold attempts to use his connection to his draconic mistress, Shisharra (which was apparently shapeshifted into an elf maid form in Greenheart!) but the dragon rebuffs him and insults his association with her. It isn’t long before a battle insues. The crewmembers man ballistas and fire at the dragon while the party uses their best attacks to try to bring the beast down. Rune is not very effective at range and the crew is being butchered until Cold has the idea of tying a rope to a ballista bolt and firing it into the dragon and winching it down to melee range. The plan works (with the help of brave Crewman Redshirt #6 and Bos’n Smee the Dwarf pirate both of whom the dragon kills with critical hits from its lightning breath). Once the dragon is brought to deck, Rune lays into him with the rest of the party. The party (especially Rune) has to constantly drag the line against the beast to keep it from taking to the air again. Finally, just as it begins to pull away, Dex fires a lethal shot and the thing dies and gets tied up in the wrigging. The party begins hacking the creature into its constituant parts and turning it into alchemical reagents, magical items, rare dragon sausage, and other goodies. This prompts the half-elf Lyrander captain to remark “You guys sure can field dress a dragon!”

The Flight from the Towering Wood

Early the next morning, the party saddles their new magebred steeds and prepares for a swift ride to Delethorn. Just as they do, a small fox runs up to Dover and tells him in the voice of his sister Tela, one of the Ashbound, that she has information concerning the Xoriat seal. She wishes the party to meet her at the Forlorn Grotto. When the group meets Tela, she reveals that the elf maid in town was damaging the Xoriat seal and that Cold Waycott is the elf’s stooge. The Ashbound had trashed her house and stole her ritual book which had rituals dealing with Xoriat in the back. Tela accuses Dover and the others of consorting with the daelkyr, the insane creatures of the Far Realm, and tells them that she has told the Sluagh (also known as whisper fairies) about it, and they would spread news of the groups treachery to the whole forest. She also reveals that the Forlorn Grotto is where the Ashbound stash the bodies of the magic users they slay just as mystically charged zombies rise from the muck of the hidden pond. Tela summons of swarm of bloodweb spiders to her with her druid powers and challenges Dover to a dual to the death. After a hard fought battle, the party defeats her and her minions. But the fey of the woods have turned against the party. As they try to flee back to the horses, fey magic twists the forest paths and before long the party is traveling in circles. Finally, they find a clearing with a satyr sitting on a fae mound surrounded by a fae ring. The satyr challenged Cold to a duel of musicians and Cold barely outdoes him. Infuriated, the satyr says that no mortal better than him can be allowed to survive and calls fae allies from the surrounding trees. The party defeats them with only one lone pixie escaping with its life. The fae ring is pillaged and it breaks the power of the fae magic. The party flees to the horses and rides with great haste through the fog shrouded wood. They are chased by a pack of werewolves and druids in wolf form made up of the Ashbound lead by Nargas, Tela’s werewolf consort. He yells to the group that the Crone has been summoned to destroy them. The Crone is a nightmarish old hag from Dover’s childhood and a wicked and reviled woman. The Crone appears in the road ahead of them and using her magic, whistles the horses to a stop. She then tells the group that she will let them pass if they give her all their magic items and rituals. The party gives her two ritual books (but Dex and Cold secretly pickpocket them back from her). The trees reveal treants moving to destroy the group and the werewolves are coming. Dover offers to go with the old hag if she lets the rest of the party go and after much debate, she agrees. The party is reluctant to leave him behind, but the danger of the forest grows to great for them to tarry. They flee as Dover challenges Nargas and his companions and battles them valiantly as the group rides out of the wood. The Crone’s shrill voice screaming curses at them all when she realizes the ritual books had been stolen back from her. The group rides all day and night and reaches Delethorn and gets a room in a small House Gallanda enclave. The following morning they go to House Kundarak to exchange some art objects and gems for gold coins and to see Dorn. Dorn traps them in an abandoned vault along with four surly dwaves. He slams the door behind them with the command, “Kill them.”

On to Greenheart

The group travels to the capital of the Eldeen, Greenheart, ruled from the grove of the mysterious Olian, a tree of great age that taught the druidic traditions to the orcs of the previous age. The small town is fastooned with decorations for the spring ritual (although it is autumn) that represents renewal and rebirth. There is a celebration planned to honor a renewed relationship of peace with Aundair, the kingdom to the east which, until a generation ago, controlled the Eldeen Reaches. Many Aundairians considered the Reachers to be traitors and minor skirmishes and sabotage take place along the boarder. The Circle of Druids had picked an ambassador to repair relations, a man named Van Haldrune. Dover met with his mentor and teacher, an old orc known only as the Hierophant while the others were entertained in the house of a friendly elf maid. The elf maid tells the group of a man named MacGreggor who breeds magebred steeds and suggests they see him. The Hierophant tells Dover that he contacted a dwarf of House Kundarak named Dorn to get a gift worthy of a queen to be presented as a peace offering. He is in the town of Delethorn on the shores of lake Galifar. Armed with this knowledge, the group travels to the house of MacGreggor to find it filled with gnolls, the same gnolls that attacked Lucy, Cold, and Rune in the woods and seperated them. The party springs into action to safe the couple. The gnolls are reinforced by one of their fellows leading two cacklefiend hienas into the fray. After a difficult battle, the gnolls are vanquished and one of the stragglers is interogatted. The gnoll tells the party that he was sent by Durostan the Wyrmbreaker, one of the Lords of Dust, to kill the human woman. Knowing only that the Lords of Dust are demons from the Demon Wastes that follow secret agendas, the party slays the beast and tends to the wounds of the horse breeder. While the gnolls had killed his whole herd, he assure the party that his brother maintains a few at his ranch and he gives them to the party gladly for their help. The group has a feast at MacGreggor’s brother’s house and prepare for the journey ahead.

Meager beginnings

The campaign opens with two friends traveling together in the Towering Wood of the Eldeen Reaches. Dover Kartch, a razorclaw shifter druid trained by the mysterious gatekeepers and his companion an oafish looking human woodsman named Dex search the underbrush for tasty treats. Dex is uncomfortable in the wilderness, being from Sharn, the City of Towers. He has fled to the wilderness to avoid the Aurum, a consortium of merchants that deal in items of historic importance as well as much more sinister wares. Dex betrayed them and robbed their storehouse and found a friend in Dover. Dover knows of Dex’s true nature as a changeling but doesn’t let on. Before long, the duo find out about a dangerous Ogre that is threatening a village near their home and go to rid the land of his threat. Whereas Dover intends to talk things over when the galoot, the encounter turns out to be more complicated. Dex and Dover find the ogre’s lair. There are two individuals, Cold Waycott, a half-elf bard, and Rune, a warforged fighter stand against an insurmountable force of Ashbound Druids who wish to kill them because of their arcane origens. After some clever posturing, the Ashbound decide to leave and let the ogre finish them. Rune is searching for her friend Lucita d’Cannith, whom she calls Lucy. Lucy’s father created Rune as a bodyguard for her daughter 15 years ago and the two became fast friends. While digging up a dragonborn totem statue from Q’barra (all the way across the continent), Cold washed up on the shore from a shipwreck. After Lucy saved his life, he agreed to accompany her and Rune back to Sharn. Along the way, their cargo was stolen and after a mad dash across three kingdoms that got lost in the vast wood of the Eldeen. Lucy was seperated from them and they had lost all sense of bearings in the woods. Just as Dover was about to offer them guidance back to civilization, the ogre arrived with his two dire wolf pets. The ogre had made his lair next to a leaking Xoriat seal, and the madness of that place had shattered his mind. After vanquishing the ogre, the four returned to the village to gather the reward. Dover and Dex agreed to join with Rune and Cold in finding Lucy and insuring both her safety and the safety of the strange relic she had recovered.

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