Heroes of Eberron

Meager beginnings

The campaign opens with two friends traveling together in the Towering Wood of the Eldeen Reaches. Dover Kartch, a razorclaw shifter druid trained by the mysterious gatekeepers and his companion an oafish looking human woodsman named Dex search the underbrush for tasty treats. Dex is uncomfortable in the wilderness, being from Sharn, the City of Towers. He has fled to the wilderness to avoid the Aurum, a consortium of merchants that deal in items of historic importance as well as much more sinister wares. Dex betrayed them and robbed their storehouse and found a friend in Dover. Dover knows of Dex’s true nature as a changeling but doesn’t let on. Before long, the duo find out about a dangerous Ogre that is threatening a village near their home and go to rid the land of his threat. Whereas Dover intends to talk things over when the galoot, the encounter turns out to be more complicated. Dex and Dover find the ogre’s lair. There are two individuals, Cold Waycott, a half-elf bard, and Rune, a warforged fighter stand against an insurmountable force of Ashbound Druids who wish to kill them because of their arcane origens. After some clever posturing, the Ashbound decide to leave and let the ogre finish them. Rune is searching for her friend Lucita d’Cannith, whom she calls Lucy. Lucy’s father created Rune as a bodyguard for her daughter 15 years ago and the two became fast friends. While digging up a dragonborn totem statue from Q’barra (all the way across the continent), Cold washed up on the shore from a shipwreck. After Lucy saved his life, he agreed to accompany her and Rune back to Sharn. Along the way, their cargo was stolen and after a mad dash across three kingdoms that got lost in the vast wood of the Eldeen. Lucy was seperated from them and they had lost all sense of bearings in the woods. Just as Dover was about to offer them guidance back to civilization, the ogre arrived with his two dire wolf pets. The ogre had made his lair next to a leaking Xoriat seal, and the madness of that place had shattered his mind. After vanquishing the ogre, the four returned to the village to gather the reward. Dover and Dex agreed to join with Rune and Cold in finding Lucy and insuring both her safety and the safety of the strange relic she had recovered.



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