Heroes of Eberron

The Flight from the Towering Wood

Early the next morning, the party saddles their new magebred steeds and prepares for a swift ride to Delethorn. Just as they do, a small fox runs up to Dover and tells him in the voice of his sister Tela, one of the Ashbound, that she has information concerning the Xoriat seal. She wishes the party to meet her at the Forlorn Grotto. When the group meets Tela, she reveals that the elf maid in town was damaging the Xoriat seal and that Cold Waycott is the elf’s stooge. The Ashbound had trashed her house and stole her ritual book which had rituals dealing with Xoriat in the back. Tela accuses Dover and the others of consorting with the daelkyr, the insane creatures of the Far Realm, and tells them that she has told the Sluagh (also known as whisper fairies) about it, and they would spread news of the groups treachery to the whole forest. She also reveals that the Forlorn Grotto is where the Ashbound stash the bodies of the magic users they slay just as mystically charged zombies rise from the muck of the hidden pond. Tela summons of swarm of bloodweb spiders to her with her druid powers and challenges Dover to a dual to the death. After a hard fought battle, the party defeats her and her minions. But the fey of the woods have turned against the party. As they try to flee back to the horses, fey magic twists the forest paths and before long the party is traveling in circles. Finally, they find a clearing with a satyr sitting on a fae mound surrounded by a fae ring. The satyr challenged Cold to a duel of musicians and Cold barely outdoes him. Infuriated, the satyr says that no mortal better than him can be allowed to survive and calls fae allies from the surrounding trees. The party defeats them with only one lone pixie escaping with its life. The fae ring is pillaged and it breaks the power of the fae magic. The party flees to the horses and rides with great haste through the fog shrouded wood. They are chased by a pack of werewolves and druids in wolf form made up of the Ashbound lead by Nargas, Tela’s werewolf consort. He yells to the group that the Crone has been summoned to destroy them. The Crone is a nightmarish old hag from Dover’s childhood and a wicked and reviled woman. The Crone appears in the road ahead of them and using her magic, whistles the horses to a stop. She then tells the group that she will let them pass if they give her all their magic items and rituals. The party gives her two ritual books (but Dex and Cold secretly pickpocket them back from her). The trees reveal treants moving to destroy the group and the werewolves are coming. Dover offers to go with the old hag if she lets the rest of the party go and after much debate, she agrees. The party is reluctant to leave him behind, but the danger of the forest grows to great for them to tarry. They flee as Dover challenges Nargas and his companions and battles them valiantly as the group rides out of the wood. The Crone’s shrill voice screaming curses at them all when she realizes the ritual books had been stolen back from her. The group rides all day and night and reaches Delethorn and gets a room in a small House Gallanda enclave. The following morning they go to House Kundarak to exchange some art objects and gems for gold coins and to see Dorn. Dorn traps them in an abandoned vault along with four surly dwaves. He slams the door behind them with the command, “Kill them.”



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