Heroes of Eberron

On to Greenheart

The group travels to the capital of the Eldeen, Greenheart, ruled from the grove of the mysterious Olian, a tree of great age that taught the druidic traditions to the orcs of the previous age. The small town is fastooned with decorations for the spring ritual (although it is autumn) that represents renewal and rebirth. There is a celebration planned to honor a renewed relationship of peace with Aundair, the kingdom to the east which, until a generation ago, controlled the Eldeen Reaches. Many Aundairians considered the Reachers to be traitors and minor skirmishes and sabotage take place along the boarder. The Circle of Druids had picked an ambassador to repair relations, a man named Van Haldrune. Dover met with his mentor and teacher, an old orc known only as the Hierophant while the others were entertained in the house of a friendly elf maid. The elf maid tells the group of a man named MacGreggor who breeds magebred steeds and suggests they see him. The Hierophant tells Dover that he contacted a dwarf of House Kundarak named Dorn to get a gift worthy of a queen to be presented as a peace offering. He is in the town of Delethorn on the shores of lake Galifar. Armed with this knowledge, the group travels to the house of MacGreggor to find it filled with gnolls, the same gnolls that attacked Lucy, Cold, and Rune in the woods and seperated them. The party springs into action to safe the couple. The gnolls are reinforced by one of their fellows leading two cacklefiend hienas into the fray. After a difficult battle, the gnolls are vanquished and one of the stragglers is interogatted. The gnoll tells the party that he was sent by Durostan the Wyrmbreaker, one of the Lords of Dust, to kill the human woman. Knowing only that the Lords of Dust are demons from the Demon Wastes that follow secret agendas, the party slays the beast and tends to the wounds of the horse breeder. While the gnolls had killed his whole herd, he assure the party that his brother maintains a few at his ranch and he gives them to the party gladly for their help. The group has a feast at MacGreggor’s brother’s house and prepare for the journey ahead.



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