Heroes of Eberron

Dwarves, Boats, and Dragons, Oh My

The party defeats the dwarf assassins then then finds a secret passage out of the vault. It has traps that have been disarmed and a message from Lucy to find Dorn’s ledger. Dex takes the form of one of the dwarves they just defeated and pretends to be the only survivor. He then encounters Dorn again with his bodyguards while Cold and Run hide in the passage. Dorn is shown to be a member of the Aurum and is discussing something with a shadowy looking elf from Cold’s past named Fabian Shadowsong who immediately leaves. After the dwarves are lulled into thinking the group is dead and leaving Dex alone to recuperate, Cold and Rune hop out of the passage and begin searching for Dorn’s ledger. Dex rejoins them and they steal his some of Dorn’s wealth and find the ledger. Just as the dwarves come in the room to find the party there looting the place, the party climbs out a window and escapes but not before Dex leaves a taunting note letting them know that he is the same changeling that fled from them in Sharn. The party mounts up and rides hard to the ferry that will take them to the House Lyrander elemental galleon sitting on the lake. Cold had purchased them fare on it earlier and they set out immediately. Dorn and his lackeys chase the group but they are too late. The party sees Fabian Shadowsong watching them from the shore but nothing comes of it. The ship takes off with great haste by the power of the elemental within it coupled with the winds that the captain summoned through the power of his dragonmark. Before long, everyone is singing and drinking but there is something moving towards the ship. Before long the cresting waves that are moving alongside the galleon break forth and reveal a blue dragon! The captain says he has encountered the dragon before and was able to buy him off but since he only has passengers he has nothing to barter with. Cold attempts to use his connection to his draconic mistress, Shisharra (which was apparently shapeshifted into an elf maid form in Greenheart!) but the dragon rebuffs him and insults his association with her. It isn’t long before a battle insues. The crewmembers man ballistas and fire at the dragon while the party uses their best attacks to try to bring the beast down. Rune is not very effective at range and the crew is being butchered until Cold has the idea of tying a rope to a ballista bolt and firing it into the dragon and winching it down to melee range. The plan works (with the help of brave Crewman Redshirt #6 and Bos’n Smee the Dwarf pirate both of whom the dragon kills with critical hits from its lightning breath). Once the dragon is brought to deck, Rune lays into him with the rest of the party. The party (especially Rune) has to constantly drag the line against the beast to keep it from taking to the air again. Finally, just as it begins to pull away, Dex fires a lethal shot and the thing dies and gets tied up in the wrigging. The party begins hacking the creature into its constituant parts and turning it into alchemical reagents, magical items, rare dragon sausage, and other goodies. This prompts the half-elf Lyrander captain to remark “You guys sure can field dress a dragon!”



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